Corona-thing Insights and the Future

Thursday, April 30, 2020

I decided to check out this astrologer’s insight about the Covid-19 situation.

Number 3 in numerology means “ability to create” and “tapping into your perception” and “information, social media, and media.” It is an attack your creation and your life. It is likely to create an inability to see things clearly because of the smokes and mirrors, which will lead people to go down into a spiritual trap. Number 3 is also about socializing, but this Corona-thing is about social-distancing, which will lead to pessimism. The panic going on is about people not seeing things clearly and becoming irrational. Moreover, number 3 is about communication and the shit on the mainstream media, which is filled with lies and fearmongering to attack the idiot viewers. People need to discern when listening to information. The mainstream media is trying to lower people’s immune system to create stress, which could lead to heart attack or any other illness.  It will also attack your mental health, leading depression, which will open a portal for negative energy in your head.

Many governments will be dismantled this year because everything is being exposed and the truth is coming out. It can lead to a rebirth of humanity, where people need to come together, pray to God, and fight the destructive Zionist agenda. The spreading of this so-called virus is all about spreading the fear and chaos. It is actually spreading the narcissism in society.

In May and June, things will start to pick up. May is likely will be the month of endings, ending this Lockdown and new beginnings. In June, everyone will be happy again, filled with transformation and new beginnings. There will be lots of changes in the government and expansion. But the economy will go down.

It is important to continue praying and keep the faith in God.


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