Cornyflu Stock Rises

Monday, 7.27.20

The videos below are related, both about the Cornyflu. An African doctor swears that there is a cure for this flu, and there is no reason why people are dying. Then, on the other side of this, the hoarders and large corporation have monopolized on this plandemic, enjoying profits. 

#2 Faran Balanced: Pandemic Profiteers Exposed

Who is gaining rewards from this Cornyflu Plandemic?

Hoarders made money reselling what they hoarded to people who needed certain items. I heard about that during lockdown that some hoarders were planning on reselling items at higher prices.

Large Corporations made a lot of money during the plandemic. I think Target and Walmart probably made a lot of money, since they were the only stores still open, as well as Costco, and other grocery stores.

There is now a profit tax on this plandemic so others cannot profit on it.


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