Cornflu Plandemic Part 2 & NWO Agenda

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Bill Gates is linked to the Wuhan Lab, and Gates and Fauci are planning the 2nd Wave of Cornyflu Plandemic to prepare everyone for forced vaccines, microchip, cashless society, and New World Order agenda. Domestic Terrorism continues to push for martial law and New World Order.

This video is a little older from last month.

I went to mini Target by UCI a couple of times, and the idiots there were pushing me by force to do the self-register. I have actually tried it once by force because the lazy girl refused to take my cash or check. It was annoying. The nest time, I just told them I don’t feel like it. I have checks. They kept saying the regular way is only for returns. Eventually, they took my check. They made me sick trying to force me to go cashless. Target is pushing for cashless society. 


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