Comparing SEO And Online Marketing- Which Is Important?

What is SEO, and why do you scream for online marketing? Do you need to do SEO when you are putting full effort on digital marketing? Do you really have to bother about digital marketing when you are focusing wholly on SEO? These are some of the common questions you will encounter in your mind as you gradually get introduced accustomed to the world of online marketing, commerce, and web presence.

There are considerable differences between SEO (search engine optimization) and online marketing. They are connected somewhere for giving similar results in some places. And yet they are different for the strategies behind them, for the purpose behind them, and because of the concept.

What is online marketing?

Online or digital marketing is a common term you see everywhere today. It simply means to market your product through the digital platform. The digital platform includes digital objects like a computer, mobile, tablet, television, and even the radio. Any such component, which works using the electricity is digital, and marketing technique using these platforms is digital marketing. However, not all of them supports internet. The computer and tablet and also the mobiles today support internet, and hence marketing using the power of the internet on these platforms to connect to users is called online marketing.

There are many styles and techniques of online marketing. Various types of the segment are there in online marketing, and exploring them would take you to a new world altogether. And while you are exploring don’t forget to explore website design RFP making which is also one of the most pronounced steps in popularizing your business website.

What is SEO?

SEO is the short term for search engine optimization. The name says it all. This is a technique to optimize the webpage in front of the search engine. There are two forms of SEO. They are On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. The first one is all about working on the web page and its contents and media etc., so that it gets visible to the search engine. The next form of SEO is all about making lots of impressions of the webpage with links and contents through the web so that the search engine gets a clear message that the site is being talked about for such and such content and niche. This also boosts the site heavily to get visible.

These steps are done to help the page get a higher ranking in the eyes of the search engine. As a result, the site gets visible on a better position on search queries. The best position is the number one, and also positions anywhere on the first page make a considerable impact for the well-being of the site. SEO is done to make the site go high up the SERP (search engine result page) ladder and hence get the possible clicks and get good traffic.

SEO is part of Online Marketing

SEO is part of the Online marketing steps which are taken to boost the position of a site and get it traffic and business. There are many other important segments of online marketing like video marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, pay per click marketing, affiliate marketing, social media optimization, and content marketing. And SEO is just one form of digital marketing, which deals with climbing the site up the SERP ladder using all organic free techniques.

SEO is always free

This is one of the most interesting things about SEO. SEO is free, and you need not spend money on SEO actually. You have to spend money on some marketing campaigns. You also have to spend money on posting advertisements online on various platforms. But for SEO, you don’t need any money if the things are done most ethically, which is also called the White Hat way of SEO.

You just need an SEO expert to do the things for you, and simply have to pay the SEO expert for the job. This does not incur you huge expenses. And if you are a DIYer, then you may do things yourself also only when you have enough time to look into all that stuff after managing your business.

SEO delivers long-term results compared to simply paid marketing

Long-term results which will show up gradually and consistently is the reason you do SEO on the website. SEO is not one-click magic like an advertisement or sponsored listing, where you pay the money and see the link on the top of the search engine page. It’s a different strategic game altogether. Here with patience and strategic measures-based on search engine algorithms, things get set slowly. Targeted keywords are set against links and posted carefully with high-quality contents on best web locations to get results. And these results show when the search engine spiders index such contents with the mention of the keywords and links and creates that rank for that webpage. Hence, it’s a time taking factor which gives really good and satisfying results when you keep on pushing little by little with consistency.

SEO and Digital marketing works at a different pace

The pace to get results is different in case of SEO and digital marketing. Both work at a different pace. Digital marketing includes many steps, and hence it delivers mixed results. Some things are instantly visible like the paid ads, and many clicks and traffic come from the sponsored listings. Also, the social media marketing plans click quickly. And hence they also give quick results.

SEO, on the other hand, is a slow and stable way to make a good stable place for the website on the SERP. And it takes time to work on it to get results. Hence compared to overall online marketing styles which give quicker traffic, SEO is slow.

Finally- Both SEO and digital marketing are important

Both SEO and digital marketing are important. SEO is one part of digital marketing is important for giving results-most naturally or organically. Again, without trying all the online marketing strategies, a website cannot get popular and get the best traffic. Hence both have their important roles in supporting a website on the path of getting popularity, business, and traffic.


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