Cleaning Up My Hard Drive to Rid or Reduce the Lag

Monday, 11.18.19

I spent all morning today trying to clean up my hard drive because of the annoy internet lagging all over the internet. I also noticed that my browser is hijacked by conduit shit. So, I cleaned up browser history, like ten million times, and I use many different browsers, which include Firefox, Google, and others. It is better now. 

I decided to add this snapshot that I recently took with my iPhone6 inside Bloomingdales. The mannequins, dressed in monochromatic black and the sparkling silver decor look cool, even though it is on black and white masonic checkered floor. There are also other mannequins, dressed in monochromatic black or white, on the other side of the archway. Customers of all ages are walking through this fashion tunnel, as they continue to check out other stores in the mall. 


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