Child Trafficking on Websites?

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Ghislaine’s two older sisters, Christine and Isabel Maxwell, worked on software for intelligence databases of FBI, CIA and DEA. They were working as spies for US intelligence, while Ghislaine was a sex trafficker, who was recently arrested by the FBI.

Ghislaine has copies of all the pedophile sex tapes Jeffrey Epstein had, in which she is likely to use to implicate many and save herself.

Naya Rivera, on the TV series Glee, was dating a child pornographer. She is now dead.

On Wayfair, if you type the names placed on the item, which goes with the missing kids, the price of the items reaches up to $10,000s, even though the actual price displays something like $46.99. Wayfair are denying it and maybe ignore it.


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