Check LIC Policy Status without Registration By Mobile Phone Or SMS

Buying an insurance policy is one of the vital decisions in everyone’s life. Among all LIC is the popular one. They believe in “Zindagi k sath bhi, Zindagi k baad bhi”. It provides coverage to your family also after the death of the policyholder. Believe it or not, purchasing health insurance is one of the most important financial decisions. After buying the policy your next step should be to check the status of the policy. It is really tough to visit the LIC office again and again to know the status; neither have the time to log in and check online. Some of the policyholders even do not have internet access too. Does that mean they cannot the policy status? No, one can easily check LIC policy status without registration by mobile phone and SMS. With these conventional methods, checking policy status has become easy. There is no need for registration; you can check status offline too. Two things you would require to have to avail of this facility.

  • One should know his/her policy number
  • Mobile phone or landline for calling and sending SMS.

Call LIC IVRS and Check the Policy Status 

You can call the LIC IVRS i.e. ‘interactive voice response system’. The policyholder can use this to check the policy status without any intervention. You do not have to register yourself to utilize this facility. You can reach to the LIC IVRS with below-mentioned helpline numbers

From BSNL and MTNL – 12151

From other mobile phone or landline – enter the city code first to 12151

Apart from this, you can call the zonal LIC office as well. Zonal offices are divided into eight regions or zones. Eastern, central, east-central, north-central, north, south central, south and west.

After calling on the above-mentioned numbers, the policyholder needs to provide required information related to the policy. Following the process, you can check the loan availability and the bonus accumulated details and policy status also. A landline phone is enough to collect all the necessary information about LIC.

Check the LIC Policy Status through SMS 

Now check LIC Policy Status through SMS only. No need to call neither you to register. Just one SMS and your policy status are on your mobile. Here you do not need to enter the policy number. Check the below-mentioned codes.

PREM (premium) – Check the due date of a premium of your policy.

BONUS – know the amount of bonus you will get.

REV (Revival) – if the policy has lapsed already, check the revival amount.

NOM (nomination) get the details of the nomination

LOAN – the loan amount that you can claim against the policy.

If you want to know about the premium of a policy send SMS. Check the below-mentioned format,

Type ASKLIC <POLICY NO> PREM and send your query to 56767877

SMS service is convenient in comparison to IVRS. As it does not take much time, you can check the status within a minute.


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