Can you get maternity insurance policy if you are already pregnant?

While the nervousness of becoming a parent will take a good duration to settle, one thing you don’t have to stress about much amongst many other are the medical costs related to hospitalization. However, for this, you need to ensure that you have a good health plan or a good maternity insurance policy. While different variables need to be considered by a couple while thinking for ensuring a protected pregnancy, one can simply not neglect the cost included. With top of the line doctor’s facilities becoming accessible the nation over, the expense of an ordinary pregnancy clubbed with the cost of hospitalization, even in an average medical care center in any of the metro cities could range anywhere between Rs.50,000 to Rs.2,00,000.  This is why you need a good health plan comprising of a good maternity insurance policy so that these costs are covered at a minimal price.These shocking figures just further insist on a requirement for legitimate arranging of accounts towards the costs of a good health plan. Consequently, maternity insurance policy by a few health plan organizations is one of the best ways to deal with these expenses.

Why would you need a maternity health insurance policy? As a capable parent, you should be prepared for the requirements of costs identified with pregnancy and the delivery of the little child. With the medicinal costs taking off high, one must be all around arranged for all normal and sudden costs. Furthermore, this is the reason you ought to consider a maternity health insurance policy in your health plan.  Most of the customary health plan providers do not include maternity health insurance policy in their arrangement. Hence, they prove to be completely useless when the time of delivery comes.  A maternity insurance policy would also keep you safeguarded from the rising costs of the healthcare industry.  With medicinal services expansion around 15-18% every year, the expense of hospitalization will exceed the doubled amount of the current costs within the consecutive five years.Does a regular health plan provide you with a maternity insurance policy?  Actually, most of the health plans do include a maternity insurance policy. However, it may create a hindrance in the conventional sense of protection. You cannot successfully predict an occasion that is destined to happen. However, you can definitely remain prepared for it. Nonetheless, most health plans still advance a maternity insurance policy for multiple reasons:

Having a maternity insurance policy is a good promotional strategy for most health plan providers

Additionally, it attracts many different young customers and couples who have just got married and wish to sign up for a health plan together.

It also helps in covering the costs of maternity for people who have held the health plan with the provider for a long time keeping the faithful factor on.  

What is included in a maternity insurance policy? A maternity insurance policy incorporates hospitalization costs and even factors some of the additional expenses for the delivery of the child (maybe cesarean or normal). It also ensures that costs estimated for pre and post hospitalization are also included in the maternity insurance policy as it would be for a normal health plan too. In addition, to pre and post-natal considerations, these policies also cover the newly-conceived infant also for a specific time limit. A maternity insurance policy may also include the costs of ambulance used for transport the to-be mother to your preferred closest system doctor’s facility.Decoding the maternity insurance policy So, would it be a good idea for you to settle on a health plan which highlights a medical insurance policy? Even with all things considered, it’s not as dark and white as it appears. There is definitely some of the cons that you should keep in mind while opting for such a policy:

The Holding up Period All maternity insurance policies accompany extremely stringent holding up period spanning from 36 to 72 months of consequent renewal costs. So in case, you do not plan to start a family in the near future then this advantage is not really valuable. Nonetheless, some innovative maternity insurance policies are focussed and curated in a great way. For instance, “Euphoria” from Religare Health maternity insurance policy accompanies to a great degree with a short holding up time of only nine months.Limitations of maternity costsBoth group and individual health plans that offer maternity as one of the extra covers have a restriction on the inclusion sum, either by design for a level figure or connected to the general sum guaranteed. Not many arrangements cover it for more than a sum of Rupees Fifty thousand. As the real expense for the delivery goes upwards in lakhs, particularly in metro urban communities, one may require to spend an unaccounted lump sum from their pocket.Coverage The wordings in policy arrangement give a genuine clearness on how and what of the inclusions. Check if the plan likewise offers different advantages, for example, costs covering for the infant from the very first moment, inclusion for the end of pregnancy, related pregnancy complications as well as pre and post-natal cost. Essentially, watch out for as far as possible, regardless of whether the arrangement covers both kinds of deliveries along with different exclusions and even uncommon conditions, and so forth. The real question- can you get a medical insurance if you are already pregnant? 

The answer to this question is a yes and a no. So, most health plan providers would run away at the first sight of a possible high expenditure. They can definitely use the current pregnancy as one of the reasons to reject your medical insurance. However, if you have held a health plan for a long duration with the same company, then there is a high chance for you to obtain a maternity insurance policy with the same provider. Hence, we suggest that when you get married and opt for a joint health plan, choose a plan that would offer you a maternity insurance policy in case an unplanned pregnancy takes place.


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