California Protests Summary

Sunday, May 31, 2020

This video has clips of protests in California. I didn’t realize there were protests in Santa Ana, which is a neighboring town. It is only five minutes from where I live in Irvine.

National Guard are brought out to work the streets in Los Angeles, California.

Moreover, there are also protests in Washington DC. Trump was taken to the White House Bunker. Boston, Minneapolis, and Bay Area (San Francisco) also had protests.

LAPD shot someone tonight.

LA County has started their curfew.

Peaceful protest in Huntington Beach, California (Orange County).

In Santa Monica, CA (LA County), they have National Guard to keep away looters. A stolen car, across the street, had graffiti and was set on fire. Protests are continuing in LA. Many young looters were arrested. This Santa Monica mall is a nice area on Third Street Promenade. Drones are being used to control this situation.

Pasadena, CA protest. (LA County)

(These looters remind me of the 1992 Riots in Los Angeles. I remember lots of areas were burned down, and people broken into many stores and stole lots of things).

Looting in Long Beach, California, which is also in LA County.

Sacramento, CA had protests.


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