Building Your Business: Benefits of Having Virtual Offices in Hong Kong

For small business owners, the image is everything. When you don’t have the same money or connections as bigger rivals, you’ve got to work twice as hard to convince the market of your worth. This is why the little details count, particularly in a place like Hong Kong where status is important. It’s okay to choose a ‘bare bones’ setup, but it has to look legitimate.

If you want to run a business from home, for example, it’s a good idea to invest in virtual offices. These facilities are run on a cloud model, and all resources are accessed remotely, so they carry no rental fees. Yet, tenants get to claim a professional, formal address as their own and have mail and calls directed to the building.

There are a number of virtual offices in Hong Kong – Servcorp is a leading provider – and they offer low rates, superb corporate perks, and a major brand boost.

Building a Corporate Identity

It’s always a challenge for new companies to establish themselves and their worth. However, the more money you have, the easier it is to build hype with promotional strategies and flashy ad campaigns. If you’re working on a tight budget, one way to get ahead is to cheat your way to a better reputation by grabbing an office in a top spot.

The best virtual vendors in Hong Kong have facilities in the most iconic neighborhoods. You may not be renting private space there, but it’s not obvious to the people calling you on the phone or sending letters. All they see is an impressive address, close to familiar, iconic brands and associate your brand with the same level of success.

Making It Easier to Save

While you’re busy strengthening your brand, you can also save money. Virtual offices are a great way to minimise costs and increase revenue. They help businesses by eliminating the need for office space and monthly rental fees. There is no other leasing arrangement that allows businesses to minimize wasteful spending in this way.

With no fixed term contract and the freedom to pick and choose what goes on your bill, saving up capital for growth and future development is easy. The ‘pay as you go’ setup is highly flexible and customizable. For the top-rated vendors in Hong Kong, it’s all about helping tenants feel at home.

Opening Up to the Market

It’s a misconception to think not having a full-time office is a disadvantage. While it may be for some companies, flexible, ambitious businesses know how to make it work. They know that being able to free themselves from the responsibilities of real estate is a big opportunity. For instance, many smaller companies don’t operate 24/7 phone lines.

It’s too expensive to recruit and manage the staff independently. This means they risk missing out on lucrative encounters, particularly from overseas. Reliable communication is a top priority for virtual offices, so 24/7 phone lines are a common feature. They are available for use for as long as you need them and then you have the freedom to renegotiate your terms, if necessary.

Why ‘Virtual’ Is the Next Big Trend for Hong Kong Businesses

With small businesses and startups now dominating the Hong Kong business scene, it’s no surprise virtual solutions are growing in popularity. In the central retail and business districts, entrepreneurs are taking advantage of flexible working conditions and the freedom to stay mobile, without losing connectivity or credibility.


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