Boycott Israel for a Free Palestine

Wednesday, 6.16.21

As Pro-Palestine Protests continue worldwide for a Free Palestine from Zionist Israel, many people are taking action to Boycott Israel by not buying its products. I found two videos that analyzes some products by reading the barcode, information on the package, and doing research. 

#1 How I Boycott Israel- A Beginners Guide

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

While on Youtube, I noticed a lot of videos about Boycotting Zionist Israel. I was aware of some of these companies.

I never liked Johnson & Johnson and P&G in the first place. For one thing, such products have always felt toxic because of all the chemicals as well as their ingredients was also questionable for me, which is why I never buy such crap. But now that I am aware such Zionist companies support Zionist Israel, I understand why they are so toxic. It all makes sense.


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