Bill Gates' Divorce

Monday, 5.17.21

All of the sudden, Bill Gates and his divorce is making headlines. They are overdoing it, as if making it a big deal. It might also be used as a distraction for Zionist Israel destroy Palestine for the NWO Zionist agenda and One World Government to globally control the whole earth under this One World Lockdown with muzzles, although many people worldwide have awakened to the bullshit and they are protesting for their freedom and rights.

I feel this Bill Gates divorce is a form of distraction from other stuff going on because when I watch the two videos below, I think ‘whatever’ and ‘who cares.’ I think there is more to this divorce and reasons for this sudden divorce. It is all about business and money.

#1 Bill Gates was told to step down from Microsoft board over alleged affair: Report

Bill Gates was told to step down from the Microsoft Board so they can investigate his affair. And, Melinda and Gates were considering the divorce since 2019. Melinda was concerned about Bill’s connection with Jeffrey Epstein.

I think this divorce really has to do with splitting their assets so they don't lose it. Melinda was probably aware of everything anyway, and she will still work with Bill on their foundation. Thus, she probably married him for the money and business purposes, anyway.


What do you think?

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