Attwood Interviews Dawson About Epstein

Friday, 4.17.20

Shaun Attwood interviews political activist Ryan Dawson about Jeffrey Epstein. Ryan stated that he had been researching Epstein since 2007 because of arrests. He feels that Ghislaine Maxwell is hiding out in America because all her connections are here, where she gets the most help. The president of Israel has been convicted with rape. (Zionist Israel has a president and prime minister). Zionists call themselves Jewish to promote the Zionist agenda, under Judaism, even though religious Jews and Anti-Zionist Rabbis refuse to support Zionist Israel.

Prince Andrew was clout for Epstein. He also had celebrities in his network. Wealthy people can easily be blackmailed.

Clintons often hang out with Epstein on his famous Lolita Plane. Bill wasn’t convicted for his rape convictions because he had more connections protecting him.

Beastiality was often involved with pedophilia. They used a bear.


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