And Comes The Fourth Generation – part 47

Selma Rashford Grindley had entered Miriam House in December, strong and powerful.  Odette was worried, for Selma was no easy mark.

However,  by January, Selma could barely leave her bed. She began to depend upon Odette to make her meals, help her to the bathroom.

This lasted until April.

For Odette, the time from January to  the hiring of the nurses in May was Paradise.

It was not just coming at 10:30 instead of 8:30, or leaving at 3:00 instead of 4:30.  The best part of her job was not even getting a weekly salary for sitting in the Matron’s house watching television; the best part was that Selma had tons of stuff to steal.

Before the arrival of the nurses in May, Odette stole until she was tired. Her salary became pocket change.

It was not until Selma became so ill that Odette thought she would die that she alerted Selma’s son.  The son called Selma’s brother who advised him to call the Board.

The idea was that as Selma was part of the Church and working for the Church the Church should pay any and all medical bills.

Joe alerted the Board as to his mother’s condition.  They had no idea whatsoever that the Matron was being paid to lie in a bed, and the cleaner was being paid to watch television for four months.


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