And Comes the Forth Generation – part 7

As  the members of the Board needed money, they decided to turn Miriam House from a sanctuary for Church members to a money making tenement yard.

The  first pattern that was suggested were simple one bedroom flats.  This idea was scrapped by voracious Board members who, considering that the premises was not that far from a college campus, decided to build a dormitory.

They’d  shove in as many girls as they could, putting bathrooms between rooms.

Cramming in students, or people who claimed to be students, (there was no checking of anything) the Board had a possible 24 rent paying tenants in a new set of rooms.

They  could get two girls into nine rooms and three into two.

Despite various advocates, it was decided that the front mansion and back mansion would not be converted, so that any prying  eye would see that the purpose for which the donation had been made was able to be fulfilled.

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