Adrenochome Symbolism in Movies

Monday, June 15, 2020

This video lists adrenochrome symbolism and its association with fountain of youth, which is why many celebrities and elites are involved in adrenochrome and pedophilia.

Sucking the life force out of children for youth was also in Dr Sleep with Rose the Hat and her gypsy vampire group. The comedy movie, Hocus Pocus, also has lots of sucking in children’s energy by witches to attain fountain of youth.

Luring children, like in the children’s story, Hansel and Gretel, as well as other fables.

Flowers and rabbits appear to be symbolism for children and adrenochrome.

Abducted and sacrificed kids for their energy, youth, and life force.

Torturing kids with pain and torture gives them more power.

Cage reference symbolizes the kids imprisoned in cages as sex slaves.

Hiding behind charities as they perform their abduction, torture, sex abuse, and sacrifice of children for power and youth.

The “euphoria” reference to drinking or inhaling adrenochrome reminds me of another video, where Mark Zuckerberg went to Epstein’s Island and mentioned he had something there that gave him a euphoric feeling. (I forgot the details, but it was probably adrenochrome).

Pizza and pasta reference as well as carnation reference.

Parmesan cheese? Very young girl…and by the way, Corey Haim was in this movie.

Panda means child sex slave.

Lost children reference has to do with corrupting children.

“Oprah” was accused of being a child trafficking pimp and adrenochrome dealer.

Watermelon is child reference.

Soccer ball references adrenochrome.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus was an interesting but very dark movie. It was also the movie that the Illuminati sacrificed Heath Ledger because he was exposing their satanic work. His character in the movie was also hanging in a hangman noose, which is also symbolism for being a traitor because he signed the contract for money, power and prestige, and then he exposed them in this movie.

Amusement parks, Chicken, Chicks. Fish, skulls, child sacrifice, hiding behind children’s charities, dead cow, pedophilia references, masonic black and white, butterfly, adopting black children, swing, children, selling child organs…

Bat references caves, where children are kept…underground tunnels…

Walnuts, pasta, child abuse, many cages…

Italian man refences pasta and pizza.

Avocado = child trafficking

Luring kids with colorful and free lollipops.

Kids in cages are sold to monarchy as sex slaves?

“Sucking the youth out of small brown children somewhere, so that actors and trophy wives can stay in business.”

Dialysis = related to kidneys, which attaches to the adrenal glands.

Macaroni = very young boy

Hot dog = boy

Cheese = very young girl.

Gingerbread man chained = enslaved children.

Luring a fat kid with gingerbread to gain their trust…

Presents = children

Pedophilia reference during December 25th, the actual birthday of Nimrod and Tammuz.

Milk = sacrifice

Nutcracker rand walnut have to do with sacrificing black child.

Gender neutral flashcards?

Ice cream = pedophile reference, as well as “Mister Softee.”

Numbers 13 and 33 as well as skulls and bones.

Cannibalism reference

The Black Eye Club

The children abused in tunnels also reminds me of the movie Sleepers, which is based on a true story. It has to do with pedophilia, child abuse, and locked up in dark cage-like cells.

The soccer ball design resembles the adrenochrome compound—OH,N, and CH3, and it is placed next to a baby, which is surrounded by stuffed rabbits inside a crib.

Red ring = blood cult

Nachos and cheese = adrenal glands and child reference.

Bat = chicken of the cave = kids enslaved in a cave.

Haiti involves child trafficking of black kids.


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