A Slow Death of Retail Stores on the Rise

March 2019

More and more stores have been closing down all over the nation. This is sad news. I don’t really shop on the internet, but maybe once in a while during rare occasions. I don’t really shop a lot or buy force. I only shop as needed. They are really intentionally pushing this NWO garbage, as they continue to invade more and more countries, Palestine, Venezuela, etc. 

#1 About 5000 U.S. Stores Closing in 2019…

Many stores will continue to close down in 2019. Many people will be looking for work, which won’t be easy because robots will take over many jobs. Everything is intentional for the New World Order agenda. I have noticed that many stores in my area closing down, but there is always a new store opening in its place.

#2 Retailers CLOSING in 2019!

Victoria Secret—closing 53 stores; Sad because I always go check out their underwear sales, which is usually during the holidays. 

JC Penneys--I remember going to this store when I was younger. But there isn't one in my area. 

Kmart—closed 48 stores; there isn't a Kmart in my area. So, I haven't been in a Kmart in a long time.

Franchesca’s (I don't remember this store, even though there are two in my area). 

Target—6 stores are closing stores; this is shocking because I always go to Target and Walmart for practical things I need). 

Sears--I think the Sears in my area has already closed down.

Gymboree--This has already closed down here.

Starbucks—closing 150 stores; this is shocking news because I thought many people drink coffee, regardless which coffee shop; and, I don't have a favorite coffee shop anyway. If I feel like drink coffee when I am out, then I buy it anywhere there).

Kohl’s--there is one in my area, but I never really go there. It isn't really that close, and I don't think it is a big deal. It is like a Target. 

GNC—closing 200 stores; there is one in my area, but when I go in one, they never have what I am looking for. They just tell me to look for it on the internet.

Lord & Taylor—closing 10 stores; I used to shop there when I lived in the east coast, near Virgina. I haven't been in one since the 70s because California doesn't have a Lord & Taylor.

Henri Bendel--I don't remember this store, but there is a local one in South Coast Plaza. It might be too expensive for me.


Lowe’s—closing 20 stores; there is one close by, and sometimes I go inside to browse. I actually bought a fake xmas tree with lights a couple of years ago at a Black Friday sale, as well as new toilets and fridge filters. 

Family Dollar--I don't think I have seen this store; I have only seen Dollar Store and Dollar Tree in my area.

The Children’s Place

Chico’s--I remember this store was in South Coast Plaza, but I don't think I bought anything. I just remember window shopping.

J. Crew—closing 6 stores--I used to shop there a lot in the 90s. I bought my Aubergine pea coat there as well as a pine green beret. 


Charlotte Russe—closing 94 stores and shutdown; I used to shop there a lot since the 80s. I recently bought some clothes at their closing sale. It was sad.

GAP--I haven't seen a Gap in a long time in my area. I think the ones here have closed down a long time ago.

Payless Shoes—I haven't shopped their in a long time. Their shoes just seemed kind of cheap and they don't fit me narrow feet. But I used to shop there when I was younger for practice shoes, such as sandals. 

Macys—closing 108 stores. This is shocking because I thought this was a big department store. What's left? Nordstrom, Saks, and Bloomingdales. This is sad. But I tend to shop at Nordstrom the most. 

#3 Retailers Going Downhill in 2019

Stores and factories are closing. But they plan to replace humans with robots, and prepare everyone for the New World Order totalitarian society of modern slavery.

Amazon will start a new grocery store. (I don’t want to buy my food on the internet).

Regardless what the media states, online sales are only 10% of retail sales, which is only a small portion. But the Greedy Zionists are pushing the New World Order agenda and One World Government.

Footlocker stores closing, as well. Tesla is closing stores.

In my area, a Footlocker recently opened in the place of Charlotte Russe, which recently closed down. 

What do you think?

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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