A Closer Look at Masterminds of Corruption

Friday, July 10, 2020

I watched two interested videos, explaining the masterminds behind all the false flags, lies, and corruption, which includes BLM violence, pedophilia rings, and other corrupt acts. Such corruption is controlled by Zionist Mafias and large Crime Families, such as Clintons and Bush. 

A former warden explains Ghislaine’s new home cell and a former CIA explains the Zionist Mafias and Large Crime Families. 

#2 Maxwell’s Intelligence Operation: Ex-CIA Robert David Steele

Shaun Attwood interviews a former CIA Robert David Steele. Guislaine’s father was a spy for Zionist Israel. Her family works for Mossad. Epstein was working for Zionist Israel and Mossad.

Steele admits that he had participated in working on one false flag operation. It is mostly used to deceive the public with lies, propaganda, and Zionist terrorism.

Pedophilia entrapment rings are protected by FBI and CIA, telling sheriff and police to ignore them.

There is a lot of mafias involved, mostly Zionist Mafia, involved in all this terrorism, pedophilia, corruption, and lies. Steele even reiterates that Zionists have nothing to do with Jews and Judaism. Real Jews are religions, and they are all against Zionists acts of corruption, terrorism, and filth.

But he thinks that Epstein is still alive, hidden somewhere…

Epstein was a CIA agenda and Bill Clinton was created by CIA.

Clinton and Bush made CIA even more criminal and corrupt.

Donald Trump will take down the Deep State, and end endless wars.

Wexner funded such Zionist acts.

NSA manages CIA.

Freemasons faked the Declaration of Independence, and USA is still under UK control.

September 2020: there might be some changes implemented by Trump. It will be mask-free, unless people are still moronic dimwits. It is all a race war between the people and the Zionist Terrorists.

McCain and George W. Bush died at home. He feels Clintons and Cheney will also die at home, as well.

Lots of groups working on criminal acts, besides the Zionists, although I think the Zionist Mafia is now the biggest mafia because the Vatican is controlled and infiltrated by Zionists, in which is why crazy things have been happening in religious establishments in the past I-don’t-know-how-many-years.

Synagogue of Satan includes Zionists and Elites.

Zionists are trying to control Donald Trump, keeping him from doing what he really wants to do or holding him back. BLM is also controlled by Zionists, to use black people to promote and further the Zionist agenda. That is why many African Americans are against BLM.

Largest Crime Mafia Families are Clintons and Bush.

Disorganized Crime is about making alliances for certain corrupt projects and then the separate.

He predicts huge advances in the next four years.

Many people were mind controlled to murder certain people, via hypnosis to do certain jobs, and then they forget everything about it.

FEMA has left the false flag acts.

The preplanning for 9/11 by Zionist Terrorists started in 1988, in Zionist Israel. The purpose of 9/11 is to create endless wars worldwide.

US Zionist Government is filled with Zionist filth.

Moreover, most of this information is old because I have heard this information in other videos.

If Trump doesn’t take care of the pedophiles, then Putin will.

Donald Trump needs to work with black professionals like Cynthia McKinney in order to fight zionist terrorists.


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