7 most flexible jobs in the bay area that pays you well

Do you know what the best part about having a job in the San Francisco Bay Area is? The variety!

That’s right!

In the tech-intensive world, we are moving these days; everyone must be flexible. Be ready to adapt and learn new things. Gone are the times when medical and engineering were the only jobs that people ran after.

Bay Area is the prime location that will help you build your career in the field of your choice. All it takes is patience and skills to find a high-paying job.

Needless to say, job seekers in certain careers will have better luck than others. But that doesn’t mean you should completely drop the idea of finding a job here. As per Pay Scale review, the average salary in the Bay Area is $ 87,620. It all depends on the kind of job you end up doing.

This brings us to the next part of our discussion that is, seeking jobs here. In all honesty, working in the Bay Area sparks your creativity in ways you can’t imagine. Every profession demands rapid adaptation to technology.

With that in mind, let’s scan through seven best-paying jobs in the Bay Area:

  • Clinical Research Coordinators

The job of a clinical research coordinator is to supervise the work of various scientists. They control the activities linked to research and development performed by biologists and chemists. Working with a set of goals, these people communicate the target to the entire group. If you are a former scientist or someone with exceptional interest in product development projects, then this is the job for you.

The average salary of a Clinical Research Coordinator is $ 58, 606. In the Bay Area, you can only secure a job at this post if you are eligible. Plus, they ask for licenses and registrations from every applicant to ensure their validity.

  • Chief Executives

As most of us already know, the job of a Chief Executive is to design strategies and policies for an organization. The expansion of the Bay Area and the formation of new companies have opened vacancies at this post. Whether the company works on technical grounds, entertainment, or medical, they all need CEOs to maintain their functionality.

The average salary of a CEO in the Bay Area is $ 212, 529. The perks that tag, along with the posts, are quite enticing. But at the same time, it asks for dedication, hard work, and high qualification.

  • Dentists

We all know who the dentists are. And we all need their assistance time and again. The work of dentists doesn’t seem to go outdated anytime soon. Even though the equipment and tech have made changes in diagnosis and treatment, it doesn’t eliminate the job.

Dentists are a bunch of highly paid people in the SF Bay Area. Their average salary is $ 138, 194. One must have a license to work and credible history to find a job in this profession.

  • Truck Driving 

Amidst all high-end jobs discussed here, this one might take you by surprise. However, truck drivers earn quite a handsome salary in the Bay Area.

The average salary for a truck driver working in the Bay Area is $ 22.57 per hour. This is 19% higher than the national salary. And every year, truck drivers earn about $ 42, 579 on average. Hence, when talking of truck driving jobs in bay area, do not underestimate the value.

Most of them offer a flexible schedule for the drivers, making it even more appealing.

  • Senior Reliability Engineer

This job demands a person to update installations and make sure that the product runs smoothly during the manufacturing process. They analyze and spot if there are problems during production. Their next task is to make sure these issues resolve accordingly.

The average salary received at this position is $ 181, 100. Unlike some other jobs, this one requires four years of education but many years of experience.

  • Financial Managers

Many slots are available for this job in the Bay Area. The reason being the same – expansion of companies and the corporate sector. People in this position conduct investment activities and develop strategies for the future.

The average salary of a financial manager in the Bay Area is $ 115, 042. Apart from education, this job demands a person to have prior experience. They must also be ready to adapt to new tech developments.

  • Computer Network Architect

Science and technology jobs are the best paying ones in the Bay Area. It is the technology capital of the world. That is why new slots keep opening up, but competition is quite tough. You must have credibility in the field and high academic background to find a job here.

The average salary of a computer network architect is $ 139, 110. They work on IoT, network building, and advanced communications.

Final Word

The Bay Area stands to be one of the most expensive places to live in. However, this doesn’t change the fact that jobs here are more lucrative than anywhere else. Initially, living here might be a bit rough, but you need to hang on. Be flexible and persist your job hunt.

You will soon score a perfect job that would help upgrade your lifestyle more than you can imagine.


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