6 Powerful Social Media Use to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Are you looking for a business online? Do you have a website which is fully functional but lacks visitors? Well, you are on the same page with more than 90% of people. There are various marketing strategies that you can use to increase the traffic to your website.

Of all the options, the most effective strategy incorporated is the Social Media Marketing strategy. Every marketer has now realized the importance of Social media marketing and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to investing in it. Social media is the same platform that we spend all our day scrolling, liking and commenting. The benefits of Social Media are ample with fast yielding and strong results.

The return on investment in Social Media marketing is the highest among all other marketing avenues. To be effectively present on Social media platforms and to encase the opportunities of gaining traffic to your website, you have to carefully design your strategies taking into account the social media trends.

All the social media platforms have the different audience and for different platforms, there are different social media trends it is thus no-brainer that to promote and advertise your products, you need to have tailored strategies for each social media platform. There is no one fits all strategy that you can follow.

There are numerous platforms that you can capture to promote your products. People are involved in different social media platforms for different reasons. But the amusing part is, everyone is present on each of the platforms! It is never that the person present on Facebook doesn’t use LinkedIn for networking, or the same person doesn’t send snaps on Snapchat. They do!

So think of it this way, that to reach the same person you have at least 5-6 ways i.e. via 5-6 social media platforms. It is essential, rather mandatory for your marketing team to have a strong presence on those social media platforms that are most influential. For you to have a clear idea about all the social media platforms here’s a list of the powerful social media platforms and their jest:

  • Facebook:

The number of users on Facebook is equal to the world population. Facebook in itself has become a huge community. There are Facebook advertisements which prove to be extremely profitable to companies that use it wisely. You can go for paid campaigns, organic campaigns, advertise through groups and build your own community of followers.There is no bar to the type of content that you can share on Facebook. You can share visuals, videos, infographics, and textual content.

The recently introduced Facebook marketplace is tormenting the E commerce’s and Google’s local search. Facebook is the widest social media platform.

  • Instagram:

Instagram has lately gained huge momentum in the number of users. People are seen spending a lot of time on Instagram. The fact that Instagram is an application based social media platform and hardly anybody uses it on the desktop hasn’t ever hindered it from gaining marketers’ attention.For influencer marketing, there is no chance you can miss out on this Social media platform.

  • Twitter:

Even though there has been a drop in the usage of Twitter lately due to the rise of other platforms, Tweeting is still a significant way to market your products.

Twitter becomes significant when you want to share some real-time updates and also when you want to indulge in influencer marketing.

  • Quora:

Within a very short span of time, Quora has become incredibly popular. The audience of this platform has varied demographics. From youth to adults to senior people, everyone is becoming part of the Quora community.

You can drive traffic to your website by answering relevant questions and leaving behind a trail that directs to your website. Quora is a wide and significant platform but not many marketers are exploring it. You could be one!

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn members are increasing every day. It is one single platform that people use for professional purposes. You can find people from varying fields at various promotions at one place. You can position your product professionally and use LinkedIn to penetrate into businesses at a professional level.

LinkedIn has great potential when it comes to networking and B2B businesses. You cannot afford to lose out on LinkedIn while making your Social media marketing plan.

  • YouTube:

The popularity of YouTube needs no say. From video advertisements to affiliate marketing, YouTube is being used by social media managers aggressively. Watching an advertisement can never go out of style and so will YouTube. To build your brand, you cannot miss out on YouTube!Social Media Marketing is extremely powerful when it comes gain online business. All the modern marketing strategies focus on social media marketing and have a dedicated team to use all these platforms to gain traffic on their websites. Which of the above Social Media marketing platforms are you missing out?


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Written by Addie Davison