5 Easy Things to Outsource in Your Business

It is a common norm among the majority of the small and medium business owners to multi-task. They consider it imperative to perform all the business-related administrative, accounts and managerial related functions themselves. But there is only surprisingly one person can do. Moreover, this approach does not bode well with the overall growth of the business. The only focus of a business owner should be to groom the business culture in a manner that encompasses all the factors related to its success. Here are the 5 easy things that you should definitely outsource:

1.      Content Management: the basic understanding of the audience and what will matter to them is important for any business. The work of a writer if done by a strategist will not convey the right pitch. You as a business owner would want to sell all of your stock, but from a writer’s perspective, this mindset is not conducive for the business. Outsourcing your content writing and management to a firm that excels in this field will only help you to reach the larger target audience and that without sounding too desperate. The Deloitte 2018 global outsourcing survey analyzed that the majority of service providers are instructed by the organizations to innovate in their field and present the work in a new and exhilarating manner.

2.      Accounts and bookkeeping: you must have someone juggling at least once in your life. The act of juggling is nothing but handling different balls (tasks) at once. Imagine is one ball falls out of hand the whole act tumbles down in no time. Same is with our scenario, handling various tasks and within them, the financial account handling is a risky proposition. You do not want any mistake in your financial accounts, therefore hiring a small accounting firm or even a freelancer accountant can really help you optimize on other functions. At this stage we would not recommend hiring a permanent executive to handle these tasks as a regular employee will draw a fixed salary but with outsourcing, you only need to pay for the work done.

3.      Website designing: no matter how attractive your signboard may be, only a few people will halt to look upon it. We have entered a digital age where everything is done on the web, so instead of spending money on making signboards, you need to have a dynamic website which can interact with your customers and keep them attracted to your business. Now, with the genesis of website developers like WordPress, Woocommerce your website can be designed by a freelancer at less cost than you would spend on advertising through traditional signboards methods.  Another aspect that can help you interact efficiently and make you seem more customer-friendly is the inclusion of scheduling tools and other similar tweaks to your website. These will project a kind of professionalism onto your customers.

4.      Photography: We all say that a picture is worth a thousand words, provided the picture is clicked by someone who can understand the perspective of the audience and present anything that will be in junction with the people. A picture is what will attract customers to your business today; ergo you do not need to present your products in a manner which will not even tinge a bit to the audience. Editing and filters are fine for family photographs and pranks, but when the question is about the business nothing less than a professional photographer can really augment your portfolio.

5.      Administrative works: for running a business irrespective of its size, you need to indulge in a plethora of administrative. All these tasks will take up a lot of your time and resources if not handled adequately. For a small business especially hiring a virtual assistant is a kind of a blessing in disguise. All the paperwork regarding employees, production, meetings, maintenance can be handled by the assistant who has to be paid on the basis of hours worked and not on a monthly basis. With software like scheduling tools and online invoice developers, you can rest assured that all these menial tasks are taken care of and there is no need to indulge in them.

Other than these tasks, there are a lot of other tasks that can be outsourced. You need to check within your business profile and identify those tasks for which you may need an extra hand to ensure their dexterous execution. Outsourcing has become innovative and advanced today and is rendered as a distinct sector altogether.


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Written by Raul H Powell

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