4 Reasons to Take a Self-Defense Class

Self-defense is a valuable skill to possess, as it can be used to protect yourself or others in the event of an emergent situation. Hopefully, you will never need to use your self-defense skills in a real situation, but being prepared is important. Learning self-defense techniques, such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), boxing, Muay Thai, or mixed martial arts (MMA), can help when living in a busy urban area such as New York. There are also many other benefits to learning self-defense on top of being able to defend yourself.

Physical Fitness

Not only will self-defense classes prepare you for potentially dangerous situations, but they will also help you achieve physical fitness. Some people take these classes just as a workout. Self-defense combines strength, agility, flexibility, response time, reflexes, as well as other physical tactics – all of which are important for physical health.

Mental Fitness

Not only does self-defense benefit the body, but it can also benefit the mind. Fighting techniques require discipline and focus. You need discipline to constantly improve your technique, and you need to focus to watch what your opponent is doing while simultaneously contemplating what your next move will be. Discipline and focus are beneficial in other areas of life outside of fighting, as well, such as at work or school.


By building your mental fitness, self-defense can also increase your awareness of the people around you and other parts of your surroundings. This awareness can increase your response time to situations and reduce the chances that you will freeze if confronted. Self-defense classes can teach you what to look for and certain areas to avoid. Being aware


Maintaining a healthy body and a focused mind can lead you to be more confident in your abilities, as well as your daily life. Even if you are a petite woman, you can feel confident that your skills will protect you in many situations, even if you face a much larger person.

Self-defense is a valuable tool to have on your side for protection, but there are many other personal benefits that can be gained, as well. Utilizing boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, or BJJ in New York can give you the confidence to be in the streets and know that you can protect yourself if needed.


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