4.26.20 Lockdown Insights

4.26.20 Lockdown Insights

Sunday, April 26, 2020

When this lockdown ends, they will do this One World Lockdown again to control the earth into something, whether vaccine, microchip, and/or slavery. They will likely do this lockdown again in November.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson will donate blood while battling Coronavirus. They will infect the new vaccine with Tom and Rita’s human DNA coronavirus blood, among whatever else toxic is in it.

Oregano oil is good for fighting coronavirus, as well as Vitamin C, D3, Zinc, and the Sun.

January 17th to 24th in 2019 was when they passed a law for the Coronavirus, before they promoted this so-called pandemic and One World Lockdown in 2020. It is all preplanned for the New World Order agenda.

Nancy Pelosi and her nephew Newsome did this One World Lockdown.

Yeah, all the presidents and politicians are puppets for the Zionist government, promoting the same bullshit to the public for the New World Order agenda.

Narcissistic people like to control people, which is similar to the Zionist Government controlling the public as slaves. Zionist Govt. has the whole earth wearing masks, panicking, and hoarding for a minor flu that doesn’t affect everyone. They are trying to deceive people to think they need the toxic vaccine and microchip for their health, which will actually do the opposite.

The police don’t have to wear masks? Probably because they are puppets

Homeless in LA aren’t wearing a mask. But the homeless LA are mysteriously disappearing…maybe in Fema Camps.

Pile 1: going to be out of the house now. It is over soon. Getting up, leaving, and traveling to an adventure soon. You will let go of past bullshit, getting information, and moving forward. You were blocked. And, now you are moving forward. Focus energy on bettering yourself. No more distraction. Getting your money in order. Building finances to move forward. New work coming through by first week in August. New job, new money, and new circumstances. New offer? You are strong and not taking any bullshit anymore.

Pile 2: focus on speaking to friends to see if they are saying the truth, but someone isn’t truthful. Someone in your family is giving you partial information about your life. Question it in a different way. Observe quietly and study the situation. You are kept out of their circumstances. They are telling you for your own good, and you shouldn’t understand everything. You will assert your independence and tell them off. You will take charge of your life by speaking up and setting everyone straight. Information is being kept from you, but you will set your boundaries and make it work.

Pile 3: going on a spiritual journey, and you will get balance and harmony. It went off balance in a couple of years ago. And, everything will come back. Someone very close to you will experience something you were like, and you will try to help this person. (someone younger). In your early life, what you saw about your parents’ relationship has blocked you from connecting with others. You will be in a relationship. You will resonate with who you are and accept yourself.

Liz Crokin blames her surfing injury on Hillary Clinton’s spell on her to take her out. Liz lost the tips of two fingers. Liz Crokin is the journalist who did the video, Out of Shadows, exposing the truth about the industry.

I browse on Youtube at the end of this video, and I noticed that Italy will start loosening its lockdown on May 4th because other countries are starting to loosen their lockdown.  


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