3 worst consequences of delivering Lousy Customer Service

In today’s customer-driven world, it is significant for companies to provide the best product and support service. However, companies often put their focus on making eye-catching products so as to draw the attention of new customers. Because of this, the chances of delivering a lousy support service get increased.

Trying to draw the attention of new customers is obviously a good approach, but ignoring the current ones can tarnish the business. Do you know the factors that make customer service lousy? Here are the major ones:

  • Long wait time.
  • Poor response time.
  • Impersonal and unprofessional interactions.
  • Usage of obsolete technology.

Companies that don’t care to improve the quality of support service often fail to stay in the market. To sustain your business in the cut-throat competition, call center India outsourcing companies usually get recommended.

The following pointers will explain the 3 worst consequences of constantly delivering lousy customer service. So, have a look:

  • A damaged business’s reputation

For any business, nothing is more valuable than the brand image. A streak of delivering bad customer service can ruin the business’s reputation in no time. As per the recent industry reports, 88% of prospects don’t purchase from those companies that have negative reviews.

In addition, 54% of disgruntled customers share their unpleasant experience with other people, which consequently, increases the negative word-of-mouth publicity.

So, if you don’t want to lose your customers, it is highly suggested to contact any reputed call center India outsourcing company so as to provide an impeccable support service.

  • Dropped CLV

Another annoying consequence of rendering lousy customer service is ‘Dropped CLV.’ Both the quality of support service and CLV (customer lifetime value) go hand in hand. For the business’s overall health, ensuring high CLV is vital because it is directly associated with the ROI (return on investment).

According to the emerging stories, 70% of customers prefer to do business with those companies that offer impeccable support service at the time of need.

In short, letting CLV go down means taking the business towards the downfall. So, if you really want that competitors don’t get the upper hand on you, approach a well-known BPO company to handle customer service queries.

  • High employee turnover  

It may come as a surprise to you that poor customer service can increase the employee turnover rate. Usually, employees observe that whether the employer cares about the customers’ issues or not. When the company leaves customers in the lurch, it makes a negative impact on the employees, which, in turn, leads to high turnover.

Employees who stay with the company stop putting efforts in achieving the business objectives. Because of this, business comes to the end of the road. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that a bad support service can break the relationship with both customers and employees.

Henceforth, it is suggested to join hands with renowned BPO firm to save the business from the negative consequences of lousy support service.

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