20 Millionaires Who Support Zionist Israel

Thursday, August 8, 2019

As I continue to browse on my Facebook page, I notice an article listing the top 20 Zionist millionaires who support Zionist Israel.

Larry Ellison is a Zionist Jew, mostly know for founding database software Oracle Corporation.

Michael Bloomberg is a Zionist Jew. He is mostly known for being NYC’s former mayor.

Sheldon Adelson is another Zionist Jew. He is mostly known for making billions of dollars on Las Vegas Casinos.

Michael Dell is another Zionist Jew. He is the founder of Dell Computers.

Leslie Wexner is another Zionist Jew. He is a billionaire from Limited stores and Victoria Secret stores. (I shop at these stores once in a while, mostly when I was younger during my 20s and 30s).

David Green is a Christian Zionist. His wealthy life comes from founding Hobby Lobby.

Sam Zell is a Zionist Jew. He founded Equity Group Investments, which often contributes to Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herziliya, Israel, as well as other Zionist related causes.

Robert Kraft is a Christian Zionist. He is the owner of New England Patriots, the team that Baphomet-promoting Tom Brady plays on, which sucks, especially the last Superbowl I watched.

Ira Rennert is a Zionist Jew. He made his millions from investments.

Donald Trump, the current USA President of inane political comedy and entertainment. All his wealth comes from real estate. And, he entertained many people on his reality business show. He is obviously a Christian Zionist. His daughter converted to Judaism to marry her Zionist Jew husband.

Isaac Perlmutter is a Zionist Jew. He is the CEO of Marvel Entertainment.

Daniel Gilbert is a Christian Zionist. He is the owner of Cleveland Cavaliers and the founder of Quicken Loans.

Haim Saban is an Israeli-American Zionist Jew. He is a media mogul.

Lynn Schusterman made millions with her late husband, Charles Schusterman from oil and gas assets. They have a family foundation, which donates to Zionist Israel on a regular basis. They appear to be Zionist Jews.

Leon G. Cooperman made his millions in hedge funds. He appears to be a Zionist.

Ronald Lauder is a Zionist Jew. His father founded Estee Lauder. (I think my late grandmother and my late mother bought Estee Lauder products).

Bernard Marcus is a Zionist Jew. He is wealthy from the Home Depot chain.

Henry Samueli co-founded the semiconductor tech firm, Broadcom. He is a Zionist Jew. (I think that company is somewhere in Orange County. I see the building when driving around. His name is familiar. I think he donates money to UCI, and a building is named after him, the Henry Samueli School of Engineering at UC Irvine).

S. Daniel Abraham is a Zionist Jew. He is the founder of weight loss company, Slim Fast.

Paul Singer is another Zionist. He made his money in hedge funds. He also founded the Paul E. Singer Foundation to support Zionist Israel.


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