Workout for 6.25.21

Friday, 6.25.21

Another morning for a gym workout. Today, I decided to do the Ross Island, Ireland trail on the treadmill. It only had a map of the trail, but no photos or video. I briskly walked 3.37 miles in 50 minutes, burning 505 calories. This trail wasn’t steep, but it felt hilly because I felt the treadmill incline slowly moving up and down from -3 to 0 to 3. So, it felt like a nice walk.

As I approached the stationary bicycles, I noticed that they added more stationary bicycles in that area, placed closely together, which is a good sign. I rode for 35 minutes which was around 5 miles, burning around 100 calories. My heart rate was at 131. 

I drove home, and returned at noon to make myself some steamed veggies for lunch. I steamed some spaghetti squash chopped pieces, two chopped carrots, and a corn on the cob. They were very filling. Then, I made a cup of Matcha Green Tea Latte.

I also have an evening walking meetup at Woodbridge later, which is between 4 to 5 miles, depending on the route we take. 


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