Workout 7.21.21

Wednesday, 7.21.21

I decided to go to the gym again because I might not go to the gym during the two weeks of summer olympics at Tokyo.

I walked the High West, Hong Kong trail on the treadmill, which has only a map. I walked 3.10 miles for 46.38 minutes, burning 598 calories. 

Then, I went on the stationary bicycle for the cooldown, and casually cycled for 52 minutes. I rode for 6 miles, burning 100 calories. 

In total, I burned almost 700 calories in 98.38 minutes. I did 9.10 miles. 

I returned home, and made steelcut oatmeal hot cereal with chopped apple pieces. I added cinnamon and little bit sugar on top before eating it, although it did’t really need the sugar because the apple was sweet. 


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