Workout 10.5.21

Tuesday, 10.5.21

At 6 pm, I decided to go to the Turtle Rock walking meetup. Only 5 people showed up. The walk started at 6:30pm. The weather was nice. The ground was a little wet. We took a different route than our usual route in that neighborhood district. I walked 4.2 miles, 10,836 steps, and 24 floors. There were a lot of steps at different areas. We returned to our parked cars at 8:05 pm. One hour and a half walking at a hilly neighborhood, filled with large, expensive homes. 

Some people did Halloween decoration on their lawn.

Horizon sunset at the base of Suicide Hill. The orange line in the sky looks cool.

Someone noted that the bright light in the sky on the left side is actually the planet Venus. Someone else thought it was a star.


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