Working Out While Gumby Naps

Wednesday, 6.2.21

It is Hump Day in Southern California. I wake up early today, and drive to the Metro gym, on a warm sunny day. While at the gym, I noticed that it will be in the 70s degree fahrenheit all week. But it actually felt warmer, like in the 80s. Maybe because downtown Costa Mesa is more inland than Irvine. Irvine is closer to the coast, often getting a nice cool breeze most of the time. 

I mostly walked on the treadmill today, doing the two Maui video trails, 30 minutes each, burning 539 calores and walking 4.34 miles. I maintained a 4-speed brisk walking because that is my normal pace I’m most comfortable with.  I went on the stationary bike for only 20 minutes, which wasn’t much. I should ride my own bicycle outside since the weather is nice. 

When I returned home, I remember I needed to buy another bag of cat litter for Gumby. So, I drove out to Albertsons for cat litter and some moisty cat food.

I work out for my health while Gumby gets his beauty sleep all day. 


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