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What to Eat and Avoid in a Keto Diet?

There is plenty of food items present in the market, ranging from various categories of veg foods to non-veg foods. All these might take you to another level of confusion resulting in leaving you into a dilemma of choosing the appropriate keto meals or food items for your keto diet.

Aww! So much confusion.

Just Relax! Here is quick keto diet food list, showing you what to eat on a keto diet.

Keto Diet Food List – What to Eat

Fish and Seafood: – The numbers of net carbs per 100 grams in fish and seafood is 0, which makes it a highly efficient low-carb food item for your keto diet. Wild-caught fish or the fatty fish like salmon are best options in this category.

Meat: – Grass-fed or organic meat is the most healthy of all, while the unprocessed meats are highly keto-friendly. It is very important to consume meat in a desired limited amount so as to avoid in taking of excess protein.

High amount of protein present in the meat may reduce the efficiency of ketosis by getting converted into glucose.

Note: It is recommended to consume meats with less than 5% carb, such as; meat balls, sausages, and cold cuts.

Natural Fat: – Natural fats like; coconut fat, butter, olive oils, etc. provides most of the calories on a keto diet. Some of the delicious high-fat sauces like Bearnaise sauce can also be included in your keto diet menu.

Eggs: – The numbers of net carbs per 100 grams in eggs is 1. Thus, consuming eggs in any form like; omelets, fried in butter, scrambled, or boiled must be included in your keto diet menu.

High-Fat Dairy: – Most of you might fear fat while on a diet but on keto, fat is really very beneficial. High-fat dairy products like heavy cream, butter, high-fat yogurts, and cheese is good for a keto diet.

Vegetables: – All the vegetables growing above ground, either fresh or frozen is a fine option for a keto diet. Including vegetables in your keto meals will act as a fat-delivery system and would also add some taste and flavor in your healthy meals.

Berries: – While on a keto, a moderate amount of berry is OK. It is recommended to take them along with a keto dessert such as real whipping cream.

Nuts: – Eating in moderate quantity would be beneficial. It is very important to limit the consumption of nuts as excessive consumption may lead to the generation of unnecessary fat. Replacing cashews with pecan nuts or macadamia is recommended in order to maintain the level of carb in your diet.

What to Drink

I hope you are now cleared with the type of food items that you can include in your keto meals. Let’s now head our list towards the section of beverages.

Here is the list of drinks for your keto diet:

Water: – Water is undoubtedly the best option to drink on a keto diet. It can be acquired in any form such as; flat, boiled, sparkling, or chilled. Natural flavoring agents like; limes, sliced cucumbers or lemons can also be added in water.

Adding a few shakes of salt to your water can help you during headaches or if you experience symptoms of keto flu.

Bone Broth: – It is one of the best drinks to sip while on a ketogenic diet. Bone broth is very simple to make and it consists of electrolytes as well as nutrients that aids to keep your body energetic.

Tea: –Feel free to drink teas, whether green, black, herbal, orange pekoe, or mint.

(Note: – Do Not Add Sugar)

Coffee: – Little amount of cream or milk can be added, but Sugar is to be strictly avoided in coffee.

A glass of wine on occasions is fine too while on a keto.

Foods to Avoid

Sinceketo diet is a low-carb diet, therefore any food item or drink that lies under the category of high-carb foods are needed to be avoided.

Here is the complete list of foods that are to be either entirely eliminated or reduced up to a minimal amount while on a keto diet:

  • Foods with Sugar: Cake, candy, ice cream, soda, fruit juice, smoothies, etc.
  • Legumes or Beans: Lentils, peas, chickpeas, kidney beans, etc.
  • Starches or Grains: Pasta, rice, wheat-based products, and cereal.
  • Fruit: Needs to be strictly avoided. Strawberries are exceptional.
  • Low-fat Products: These are usually high in carbs and are highly processed.
  • Sugar-Free Diet Foods: These are highly processed foods often high in sugar levels.
  • Alcohol: Avoiding alcoholic beverages is highly recommended for a healthy keto diet.

Who Should Not Do a Keto Diet?

Although most of the people can do a keto diet as it is normally very safe, but in some cases a special consideration is often required.

Here are the three categories if in which you come, then requires a special consideration for doing a keto diet:

  • Type 1 diabetic patient.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Breastfeeding mothers.

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