Understanding Hormonal Changes In Your Body as You Age

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Webinar on Hormones, hormonal changes, middle age issues, bloating, and estrogen. Cortisol, mood disorders, allergies, insomnia, etc. Hormones, fatigue, belly fat, and inflammation issues for middle-age women. A San Diego Dr. Wannigman provides tips for women with such issues. I decided to check out this webinar because I was looking for tips on debloating. But this webinar was mostly a sales pitch into their program. I don’t have any health issues. I know I am healthy.

America’s Healthcare Crisis, Hormone imbalances, belly fat and being tired, as well as stress, detoxification, and the underlying causes all are somehow connected. Taking action involves natural remedies to help you control your body.  It is important to be proactive. Carefully choose your food intake, making sure to eat healthy food that heals certain issues while preventing unwanted issues. Know your body before making your meal plan. Manage stress wisely by creating an enjoyable workout program, whether at the gym or an outdoor activity. Boost your immune system with vitamins, nutrition, and going outdoors for sunshine. Minimize inflammation, calm autoimmunity, and balance your hormones. Also, it is important to drink lots of water to detox, hydrate, and improve metabolism.

Detox involves cleaning the gut, liver, kidneys, and skin. Microbials in the gut. Clean and healthy whole foods and proper nutrition. Fitness—choose an exercise program that you enjoy and works for you, and do the right exercises.

Hormones need to be in balance, or people will tend to gain weight when there is an imbalance. The cortisol creates the belly fat or bloating issue. Such imbalances affect a person’s life, making them sluggish, fatigue and unproductive. Estrogen, adrenal, thyroid, and liver can create havoc in your body.

Find a mentor or support group to support you on your journey so you won’t be struggling on your own. Create a unique plan to help you succeed on your journey.

Gain health independence away from Big Pharma’s control over your body, which is making you sicker with medicine you don’t really need. Take control of your life and body by controlling your nutrition, fitness, detoxing, balancing hormones, and creating a support group to encourage you as needed.

I am already doing everything in the “5 pillars of success,” which include nutrition, fitness, detox, hormonal control, and mentoring. I think I just need to carefully monitor what I am eating, drink a lot of water, and continue my exercise programs. 


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