Trying out a Forever 21 Facial Mask

Sunday, 3.15.20

This evening, as I tried to figure out how I will handwash a white long-sleeve blouse with gems on top, I decided to a firming/moisture mask that I had bought from the Forever 21 closing sale. It is just a very moist white oval sheet, holes for nose, eyes, and mouth, that is placed on top of one’s face, similar to a mask. It sticks to the face, and I am supposed to leave it on for 20 minutes. It has hydrolyzed collagen, coenzyme Q10, adenosine,  and sodium hylauronate, which is supposed to improve the skin’s microvascular circulation, metabolism, regeneration of skin cells, treating and preventing damage of cells, reduces wrinkles and fine lines on skin’s surface, and improving elasticity. It appears to have various nutrients and rich moisture to promote youthful skin. I bought a couple of bags, one in each bag, because they were cheap, and I am getting older. 

As for the blouse with beaded decor, I think I will just spot clean it for now because I am not sure how to clean it properly. I think the gems are glued on top. So, I am not sure I want to soak it in water and mild detergent. 


What do you think?

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