Taking a Look at the Jetsonic 2000M Ultrasonic Scaler & Polisher

If you are on the lookout for a scaler and polisher machine, you may wish to consider the Jetsonic 2000M Ultrasonic Scaler & Polisher. It has now become one of the most sought after machines for scaling and polishing. It would certainly be a great addition to everyone’s dental office. A recent review was undertaken by dental supplies website GPS Dent, and they were left impressed with the machine.

Let’s delve into the machine in a little more detail.

This device is able to accept both 25 and 30K inserts. You may be used to other machines that sell these machines with 25 and 30 scalers, but in doing so they sell them without the polisher combinations. It is important to note that some devices have the different polisher combinations but only accept the 30k inserts, but this machine allows 25 too.

The latest technology is used with the sensor of the machine. The Jetsonic 2000M Ultrasonic Scaler & Polisher is able to monitor what the dentist does without the need for manual switching. This is a great feature to have. We also noticed that the machine comes packaged with two scaling inserts, as well as spray head tubes. There is enough polishing powder to get you started as well.

The machine makes use of up-to-date air polishing technology called HST (Homogenous Stream Technology). This technology is protected to be used on only with the Jetsonic. How this works is by mixing sodium bicarbonate powder with air and water, to produce a homogenuous stream.

What are the Advantages of the HST Technology?

The main advantage for me is that there is little to no nozzle clogging, which makes operating the machine very straight forward and aids maintenance also. Just 35 psi of air pressure is needed for the machine to function, which improves the polishing stream to a noticeable extent.

The Jetsonic 2000M Ultrasonic Scaler & Polisher Unit can be ordered here. For peace of mind, the unit also comes with a two-year warranty. If there were any issues you had with the scaler and polisher, you could simply send it back for a replacement, or a repair. It certainly is an excellent piece of dental technology, which dentists up and down the country should be aspiring to own.


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Written by Anne Carter

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