Stress and Depression Bad effects on sex life

Helen Tomas says that Radio Five Live  asks 2,066 adults questions about their sexual trends and relationships during a survey. In this survey, problems related to dreams have become a major problem which was (45 percent).

Aileen Breddy from (RELATE ) the psychological treatment organization. Most of the patient we face daily are suffering from anxiety and Anxiety and sexuality can not live together.  Those involved in the survey include physical and mental health problems and children’s presence, indicating the other factors affecting their sexual health, while 10 % of people described Social Media as a problem for their sexual life.

However Miss Breddy says that the problem is more likely to be worse. The basic contact between the couple is lacking, they do not match eye to each other simply eyes contact, neither they talk, there for its not surprising that we get difficult while having sexual activity on the bed.

Almost half of the people involved in the survey said they are satisfied with their sexual life, 50% of them were male and 53% of females, 38% of men and 25% of women expressed their non satisfaction about their sexual life. According to the survey, 58% of people were satisfied with their sexual performance.

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Is it unfaithfulness? According to the survey, the thinking of men and women about faithfulness was different. 3/4 women says that talking to a woman on the Internet or kissing someone else besides a partner comes in a betrayal category, while only half of the men describe it unfaithfulness.

9/10 people in the UK says that it is incredible to share with someone other than their partner, While two of the five people believed that spending time on dating apps, despite a partner, is equally unfortunate and unfair.

How can sex life be improved? Miss breddy says, For this, sexual intercourse should first be suspended and then restart. ‘Stop sex because everything you were doing in the name of sex was all wrong. First try to forget this error. Then make emotional reactions and feelings again.

But the problem is that women desire emotional strength, and kisses but men prefer sexual sex. But Mr Breddy says, “My experience has come to mind that men are soon understood that they want to kiss and weep and emotionally attach to each other and Such conditions are favorable for sexual activity.


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