Six tremendous medical benefits of Garlic

Garlic a treasure of health is easily available every where in the world. According to nutrition and medical experts, garlic contain anti-oxidants, revolutionary compounds and other important ingredients.

In garlic Sulfur compounds make their major impact on the body with digestive food. It contain very low calorie but nutrition is very high. 28 gram garlic contains 23 percent manganese, 17 percent vitamin B6, 15 percent vitamins C, some quantity of salineum, fiber, folic acid, protein and other useful chemicals. But calories are only 42.

Save from cold :  Garlic’s useful ingredients keep you safe and prevent you from cold. The regular use garlic reduces cold attack by 63 percent. It also prevent you from flue attack.

Control the Blood pressure :  in Garlic Magical chemicals present and play an important role in controlling blood pressure. Experts say four piece garlic daily use is very useful to control over your blood pressure. The regular use of garlic will keep cholesterol in their limit.

Rescue from Alzheimer’ and other mental illnesses ;  Garlic has a number of anti-oxidants enzymes. It control and maintain normal blood pressure and also protects rapidly attacking brain like Alzheimer and Dementia and along with it protect from breaking cells in brain with up going age. 

Garlic increase life ; Since useful ingredients in garlic prevent blood pressure and many diseases,  based on it slow down the process of breaking brain cell and guard you from death before time.

Garlic and physical stamina : Experiments on rats have been revealed in the laboratory, That garlic improve the energy and make ability to exercise and increase stamina of athlete. Historic references prove that ancient Greek Olympic players used garlic for several weeks before games competition. It increased their capacity.

In the same way, daily routine use of garlic produces activeness and strength in the body.

Heart disease and Garlic : Garlic and its oils have a unique ability to remove heart diseases. Human blood pressure and healthy cholesterol can prevent many diseases in human body.


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