Regardless of Any Age: Women Should Have Enriched With Irons & Vitamins To Remain Evergreen

More than excess existence of Hormonal changes in Women, nutrients for growth and  immunity are descended  dramatically. If it does not occur naturally then also it’s bad effect  on the body growth and beauty.

In this situation women should immensely take care of their needed diets in which there should be more need of Vitamins and Minerals and Irons. Scientifically and Biologically the lack of Iron leads to LACK OF blood cells. Iron even pushes the life-air ,Oxygen in human brains and Body-Muscles which even happens in case of a Woman.

Approximately in the Women’s Age Group of 19-50 , there are in fact low level of needed Nutrients are found due to multiple complex reason. Especially during pregnancy in their growing ages, the immense utility of available Body-Nutrients in various parts of their body  like Muscles, bones and other important cells seek it’s huge requirements.

Consequently it leads towards an unwanted health hazards for women like Tiredness, Headache, Skin fade, increment and decrement of hunger, joint pains and even feeling helplessness and awkwardness to breathe in about which our sisters and mothers across the world need to know and take care.


Alike Children , women also don’t like to drink milk on regular basis .And it also has been experienced that in all most all the cities of India including rest of the world, Girls and Women walks out of their homes covering up their faces and other body parts which obstacles VITAMIN-D to get into their bodies. VITAMIN-D IS IMPORTANT FOR ABSORBING CALCIUM .Due to lack of this , the immunity strength of Women’s physic get ruined.

(Suggestive intakes to have required Calcium and VITAMIN-D:-Milk, Paneer, Dahi(Yogurt), Oranges and Natural Fruit Juices.)

It is quite natural in Medical Sciences in lacking of Riboflavin is common which otherwise also known as VITAMIN-B2. It is an antioxidant that keeps digestion and skin healthy. Both in young and older days , Women need it barely as much as I MG ON DAILY BASIS . It’s  deficiency causes irritation of the eyes and itching around it. The skin around the face, lips, mouth starts to damage as an old one.

(Eat these: Mushrooms, milk, almonds, curd, soybeans, beans etc.)

Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the  heart and the right and absolute  work of the brain and healthy eyes. Due to  lack of  it in your body ,problems in the joints, rise in cholesterol level , stress, asthma, weakness and problems are starting to occur.

(Eat these: Apart from walnuts, you can use linseed seeds and oils, canula oils and soybean oil. However, more calories are obtained from oil and nuts. So take only a limited quantity.)

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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)

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