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Red Light Therapy for Weight Loss

Using different light wavelengths for beauty reasons or to treat various conditions is becoming more popular. Gel manicures and some acne treatments both use ultraviolet light. White light is used to help treat a type of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder. And, red light is now being used to help people shed pounds.

How it Works

Red light therapy is supposed to help you achieve the thin, toned body you’ve always dreamed of having in several ways. Fat cells are, as the name suggests, the source of body fat. One red light therapy benefit is it destroys fat cells, which eliminates the weight they’ve helped create. But, once the fat is gone, it leaves behind traces that it was there. Skin that was once stretched by extra fat cells will sag downward. And, the stretch marks that were created as the fat built up will stay. Red light therapy can also remove any evidence that your extra weight ever existed. It helps tighten skin and smooth out lines on your body, including stretch marks.

Compared to Other Methods

People who are able to lose weight easily will tell you a good diet, regular exercise, and perseverance are all you need to lose weight. And, that is true for some people. But, many people have medical conditions that make losing weight harder. Some conditions slow metabolism which in turn slows weight loss. Others make it hard or even impossible to exercise. For these people, other methods are necessary. But, most other methods are not ideal. Liposuction and other weight loss surgeries are invasive. Diet pills have to be taken regularly. Red light therapy is noninvasive and doesn’t need to be done regularly.

Side Effects

As with any procedure, red light therapy has potential side effects. Blisters and burns are possible if you spend too much time in the light or there are faulty wires in the equipment. But, these are usually fairly minor. No long-term side effects have been identified.

Red light therapy is a somewhat new procedure. Because of this, there is not enough research for the FDA to approve it as a safe and effective treatment for anything. But, there also isn’t research that red light therapy is unsafe or ineffective. It does look like a very promising treatment despite the lack of scientific proof backing it up. Still, you shouldn’t try red light therapy without contacting your doctor first. You’re not a medical professional and you shouldn’t make important medical decisions entirely on your own. Your doctor is a professional who knows what’s best for you.


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