Post-Pregnancy Body: What You Can Do About It?

The entire process from conceiving a child to childbirth is not easy. Carrying a child in your womb to post-delivery can Congratulations on becoming a mother! The journey of being a mother is never easy. 9 months of carrying a child in your womb may destabilise your moods due to hormonal fluctuations. Your physical appearance may change, causing pigmentation to form on your face and stretch marks become visible on your tummy.

We understand the pain that all mothers go through. We speak to Dr. Siew Tuck Wah, Medical Director of Radium Medical Aesthetics to find out how to restore your pre-pregnancy appearance.

STRETCH MARKS Most people are not aware, but you don’t have to be obese to have stretch marks. More than 90% of pregnant women will find some stretch marks on their tummy after they giving birth. They usually appear as pinkish or reddish streaks running down your thighs, arms, or abdomen.

CO2 skin resurfacing laser remains one of the most effective treatments for stretch marks. The laser precisely ablates the superficial layers of the skin and stimulates the growth of new skin and collagen production. Over a few sessions, you will notice marked reduction of the stretch marks.

PIGMENTATION You may notice that dark marks form on your face during pregnancy. The pigments that form on the face is called chloasma, or melasma. The dark pigments should gradually fade after childbirth.

However, you can expedite the removal of the pigmentation by opting for a Dual Yellow Laser treatment. It delivers an intense yellow and green laser deep into the skin without breaking the skin surface. The effectiveness of Dual Yellow Laser lies in its capability to correspond the laser with the dark pigments so that it breaks down the pigments without affecting the surrounding skin.

CELLULITE It does not only happen to obese people. Skinny people can also have cellulite. Poor blood circulation, toxin build-up, genetics are major culprits. Women are more predisposed to getting cellulite because of the distribution of fat, muscle, and connective tissue. Women’s connective tissues tend to be aligned in the same direction as fatty tissue, allowing little pockets of fatty deposits to push up against the skin.

One of the most effective cellulite treatments is to destroy the fat cells and smoothen the appearance of your skin by breaking down the fibrous tissue that gives your skin the ‘cottage cheese’ appearance. TriLipo is a radiofrequency wave treatment that uses deep volumetric heating to destroy the fatty deposits under the skin. After the treatment, your skin feels softer because some of the fat cells have been liquefied. Shockwave therapy uses repetitive, high energy sound waves to pass through the targeted area to increase blood circulation and break down the fibrous tissue.

The combination of both treatments increases the efficacy of the treatment, providing you an effective avenue to eliminate the unsightly cellulite quickly.

STUBBORN FAT Excess pockets of stubborn fat may stay in your body after childbirth. Despite all the exercises and diet you put yourself through, the fatty tissue may not seem to reduce in size. The truth is that dieting and exercising lead to general weight loss and fat loss in the entire body. However, it does not treat specific areas like love handles, double chin and tummy bulge.

Fat freeze treatment specifically targets and freezes unwanted fat deposits through a process called cryolipolysis. It causes the fat cells to freeze and die, without damaging or causing any harm to the surrounding tissues. Over the next few weeks, the unwanted dead fat cells get drained from your body via your circulatory system, leaving you 20 to 25 per cent slimmer than before.

Radium Medical Aesthetics is a medical aesthetic clinic in Singapore that offers a wide range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments to boost your self-confidence using safe medical techniques with minimal downtime.


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