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Plants whose pollen can cause you an allergy!-Third part.

Robin Biznis October 7.2018 Belgrade

Today I will finish writing about plants that cause allergy.

I will describe the wood of Juniper tree, Ambrosia and Nettle.

In reality, any plant that carries pollen can be a potential challenge for allergies.

Juniper tree lat Juniperus communis L.Juniper tree lat Juniperus communis L.Juniper is the  evergreen bush, a low tree and some species can reach a height of 10 meters.It grows on meadows. mountain pastures in Europe, Asia and North America.It is very resistant and has a profound age.Fruit Juniper Tre is used in folk medicine.Also, the fruit is placed in brandy for the production of aromatic brandy in Serbia known as Klekovaca.Pollen Juniper tree causes allergies at the time of flowering and these are the months of April and finally with June.

Ambrosia lat.Ambrosiaartemisioflora L

No nice name is no more dangerous allergen. The bad  destruction of Ambrosia has led to a sudden increase in allergies to this weed.

It grows in abandoned places with gardens, meadows, groves, along the orchard.In fact, it was very close to a man.In addition, the number of pollen grains emitting in the air is enormous.It is believed that only one plant can produce 160,000 grains of pollen powder.The fact that Ambrosia is an allergen is one of the strongest and most common.In sensitive people it causes a sneezing, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye, and aggravates the condition in people suffering from bronchial asthma.Flowering time: August-SeptemberIt is therefore important that every country and its executive organs work on the systematic control of this weed.

Nettle lat Urtica dioica L.

There is no need for image or for much writing about Nettlei ..We all met her well as children, when she first came to us.Nettle has a very pronounced allergenic effect.Allergy is in the June-November interval.I would be a sin when it was not said that nettle is a very healthy and useful plant that is used as a tea.

It is also used in herbal mixtures.It is one of the most precious plants for improving my health, strengthening immunity, increasing iron in my blood, strengthening the root of hair, and not counting on.I recommend all at least one salt of tea from nettle daily,Read on non-contaminated surfaces at noon when there is no rose,It is dried in a dark and cool place.If you did not know the nettle on the bottom of the leaf, you can not take it!

A recipe that should be used by people prone to allergies.Pour two tablespoons of nettle and a spoon of thyme in half a liter of water. Drink tea during the day, and it is good if you enrich it with vitamin C, which will also help alleviate allergic reactions.This natural remedy has no undesirable effects and can be used on a daily basis. It is best to start before the blossoming of the ambrosia and use it until the particles of its pollen are in the air.


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