Pickle helps with Hangover

The symptoms of a hangover are familiar to many people. They are headaches, changes in blood pressure, weakness, thirst, fever, chills and nausea. Pills for pain and nausea have long been invented, but some still use the most proven method. They take pickle and it really helps.

The fact is that the salt water contains salts of potassium, sodium and magnesium. They are the ones who save from dehydration and intoxication and restore the body’s metabolism. However, it is not necessary to lean on the salt water, it is enough to take a little so that you feel better.

If you take more in the hope that you will feel better soon, you only risk your health. Tissue swelling and headache will only increase and the load on the cardiovascular system will also increase. And two more important points.

First, make sure that you take brine, not marinade, because vinegar will not help your body. Secondly, it is good to take cabbage pickle, because it contains succinic acid, which is able to cope with acetaldehyde which is harmful to the body.

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