People Who Can't Do Better – 44

No matter how many times it happens, you continue to be surprised by the blatant lies pouring from the Mouth of the Person Who Can’t Do Better.

She will say;  “I’m going to my Attorney’s Office tomorrow morning!”  or something as major and  go on and on about it.  

You may listen, even with a third of an ear, and it actually sounds logical to you why the Person Who Can’t Do Better would go to an Attorney’s office (or something just as major).

The next day, the Person Who Can’t Do Better is flopped on the couch, as usual watching cartoons.  No move is made to go anywhere.

And if you are familiar with this person, you won’t bother to ask; “Didn’t you say you were going to….?”

Because caught in the lie, this Person will lash out at you.

So you learn that NOTHING they say is to be believed.


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Written by jaylar

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