People Who Can't Do Better – 30

An Introverted Narcissist has a sense of superiority.  They often are satisfied by an internal contempt for others without having to say a word.   For them the thought and the speech and reality are the same.

They are totally self absorbed, living in their own world.    What they believe in their minds is true for them despite it being obvious fantasy.

They can block a passage others need to use with their junk, then become enraged when that other seeks to move it.   Their version of reality is always such as to harm or at least discomfort others.  That gives them pleasure.

They have no empathy.  They care about no one and nothing but themselves.   Regardless of what they say, they will do exactly what they please.  You can’t criticise them or offer guidance.

They can be absolute failures yet think they are special.  

They have no real relationships with other people.  Who they call friends are those who might have to put up with them, or work with them, or gain benefit from them.  But no one wants to be with them.

They may live on the Internet or have a family of cats.

This is why they Can’t Do Better


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Written by jaylar

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