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As mentioned in the previous article, People Who Can’t Do Better always take the ‘anti’ of your ‘pro’.  No matter what you say, they must shove it aside.  They have a fear of anyone ‘telling them’  anything.  

This means that you can get them to do what you want by suggesting the opposite.

Many people who Can’t Do Better will claim they are going to report something to the Police.  Tell them;  ‘Go ahead’, and  they’ll sit down.

This is because if they went to the Police it would look like you ‘controlled’ them.

Once you find this out, a few words can have them fighting against themselves better than any enemy could do.

It sounds ridiculous that if  ‘Jade’ says she’s going to … and you tell her it is great idea, she’s change her mind, but it is fact.

Although one would assume that People who Can’t Do Better have this weak ego which makes them feel that listening to anyone, even someone repeating their own words, makes them ‘weak’, the reality is that most are ‘introverted narcissists.’

This is a special category, well defined by psychologists.


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