Oliver's Odyssey – 58

The true ‘winner’ of the separation of Wendy and Oliver was their eldest child.  Dominic was doing so much better at school, at life.  

Without his overpowering father squashing him,  he lost his nervousness, anxiety and was able to reveal his emotions, moving from being  afraid to show joy to laughing uproariously.

Although everyone had told Wendy leaving Oliver was the right thing to do, she had not truly believed it until now.

Now Wendy felt blessed.

Getting Oliver out of her life was not just good for her, but was a blessing for their children.

She had never fully grasped the evil effect he had on the children.  Making them afraid to be.  

Just seeing the kids laughing loud at Sponge Bob, something Oliver hadn’t permitted them to view, made her feel so good, so right.


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Written by jaylar

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