Oliver's Odyssey – 54

Time passed.

Each day Wendy felt stronger.  more as she had when she was attending University on her island, doing her law degree.

Before she met Oliver.  Before she met him, married him, and he set about to destroy her.

His anger, his violence, his beatings of her, of their children, was just the obvious part of his invidious pollution of their lives.  

Everything had to be at his time, in his way, and of course, no one could ever ‘live up’ to his ‘standards.’

To escape the effect of Oliver on her life and that of her children, Wendy had moved them from the house Oliver had bought to an apartment.

The house had been Oliver, every room painted or papered as he decided.  Every piece of furniture placed as he demanded.

Leaving that house was leaving Oliver, moving into a flat that they could create as they chose was freedom.

Each day she vowed to do something new and different that Oliver would disprove of.    Each day she would bathe her children in love, holding them, kissing them, making them feel part of her.

And then came the trial.


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Written by jaylar

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