Natural Selection

The World would be better off with a lower population.  Getting rid of at least 10%  of the current population is a good idea.  

There have always been ‘anti-vaxxers’  going back to the injection against small pox, up through the vaccination against Tetanus, Diphtheria and Whopping Cough,  followed by those who rejected the Polio inoculation, and more recently to the MMR.

The British Doctor who came with his rubbish ‘investigation’ linking the MMR to ‘autism’  was struck off the register.  This did not in anyway effect the mindless sheep who refuse to have their children vaccination and get to bury them.

Now, with the vaccinations against Covid-19 it is hoped that these people will  avoid protection, get the virus and die, along with their children.

The effort is to convince non-whites and the working class not to go for these new vaccinations.

In this way, governments save billions of dollars.  After all, if there are 300 Million people a government need purchase only 100 Million vaccinations.

Those who sicken and die because they choose not to  get vaccinated, well it isn’t the government’s fault,  the people decided not to take the jab.

It is a win/win.

Government saves money plus it gets rid of the stupidest members of  society.   Sort of an update of natural selection.  


What do you think?


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