Mother with Schizophrenia. Child suffering from schizophrenic parent being loved and hatred at the same time

Narcissists; their Cruelty is Implicit – Part 2

One of the strategies of the Narcissist is to find someone they think is superior to them. They put this person on a pedestal and profess love.

Once the person loves the Narcissist, or at the very least, respects him/her, then the attack can begin. And Narcissistic abusers are always capable of attack.

Their weapons are sarcasm, condescension, name calling, and shifting blame for their actions on to their victims.

If a Narcissist perceives you as a threat or needs entertainment in the form of an emotional reaction, he or she will begin.

Narcissists are sadists. They get pleasure from hurting YOU. They need to hurt the person they feel is superior or in love with them.

They don’t have to speak once you know their body language. They can look at you with contempt, a smirk, a glare. They can look at you with a cold deadness in their eyes while professing love.

They must feel in control and that they are hurting you.

People who escape these relationships have gone through a period in which they had to be extremely careful in how they spoke, what they did, so as not to  incur the wrath of their narcissist.

Of course, nothing works, as all the Narcissist has in  his/her life is you. Every atom of you.


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