Welcome to N.H.J! N.H.J is about my Natural Hair Journey. Sharing with everyone the ups and downs in discovering my hair. Mind you I am not a hair stylist this is just me sharing my journey like many naturals tend to do. My reasoning for sharing my journey is simply due to having nothing else to do. As brutally honest as it is this is my only reason. Of course, if anyone is able to take anything from this journey that will be great, but until then enjoy.

As someone who once got perms it has been a struggle with my natural hair. Frankly, I am lazy when it comes to doing my hair, but I will share some of what I am doing during this process whether it works or not. If it does not on to the next idea.

During my process I have tried many do-it-yourself protein treatments. Problem is I do not tend to stick with them long, so it is fair to say I will not be sharing any of those types of treatments. However, if anyone does try any treatments that they find works feel free to share. There are many products that are great and some that will forever remain on the shelves. The products that I use are usually budget friendly, not because I am a cheap person, but because I am a very cheap person. I look for products whether its for my hair or not for reasonable prices. Thirty dollars for a bottle conditioner will never be a reasonable price no matter the quality.

Join me as the brands I love are exposed on how they have been helping me in discovering more about my hair.


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