My Feet Update

Saturday, 8.24.19, 1 am

I was tired, Friday evening, when I returned from the 4.7 walking meetup. After eating a banana and avocado, I just decided to lay down and rest. I took a nap, but I woke up at midnight feeling relaxed. I decided to do my foot therapy. When I took off my compression socks, I noticed the bruise on my toenail was gone. My toenail were a little long and needed to be clipped. After clipping them, they looked cleaner. There was some black on the sides, which I tried to clean out. I put some foot cream samples on my toes to soften the flaky hardness. The bottom of my feet, mostly the heel, was also hard. So, I put foot cream all over my feet. It felt better and soft. I think my toes look better. I decided to massage some body butter on my legs because they were kind of dry. Then, I wore my compression socks again. I decided to drink some water with apple cider vinegar. I hope my feet and legs are improving. I have been wearing my compression socks everyday. 

I hope I can sleep tonight, or actually this early morning. 


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