More Americans Waking Up to Reality?

Friday, August 7, 2020

The polls about the Cornyflu has been shifting and changing, and many people have become skeptical about this cornyflu plandemic.  Hydroxychloroquine can successfully treat this cornyflu, and they have made it difficult to get for many people, which could be one of the reasons why some might be dying from this mild cornyflu.

Lockdown didn’t prevent cornyflu infections. It was to control people and make them weak and immune for other diseases.

Sweden didn’t participate in the One World Lockdown, and their death rate was close to 0.

Yeah, I agree, that statistics indicate this cornyflu plandemic is all about politics for the New World Order agenda than any flu or virus killer going around. Yeah, it was orchestrated, similar to the Black Lives Matter, to create race wars, making people fight each other over something stupid in order to create chaos and havoc, like what they did with the Antifa and anarchists to mess with the peaceful protestors.


What do you think?

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